This partnership is aimed to realize a training and counselling framework for younger and older graduates to complete their initial education,get new competencies for work life and promote their own capabilities in  lifelong learning process.

The idea of this project came out from own experience of partners in their local area of activity. All partner organizations have strong connections within business educational work environment,giving feed back on efficiency of educational work and on lack of competencies of new employees(both young and older).They usually have professional competencies but have difficulties in adapting themselves to labour program and requirements(communication with clients,foreign language speaking,IT skills).

Within this project we are trying to identify the general lack of competencies in partner organizations and design training modules on specific topics to help them to an easier adaptation.

Project background: 

  • a great number of unemployed qualified people
  • lack of knowledge of initial vocational training (entrepreneurship, communication, language speaking, IT skills)
  • personal development opportunity through lifelong learning program participation 

Project aims:

  • To develop, to implement and to disseminate successful approaches concerning improving personal skills and education through continuous education (LLP)sharing and comparing specific approaches in partner countries.

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